Arts in Action has the mission to offer local artists incentives in the NY metro art community to increase visibility, growth, network and financial independence. The organization was founded by Uta Brauser and Laura DeJean in Jersey City in 2008, it is now based in Brooklyn since February 2015.

Programs comprised curated art exhibits, instruction, performance art. An artist market, continuously recurring all year, built interaction between a general public and artists from 2009 through 2014: visibility, network and business, growing the destination and cultural presence in that community.

With a focus on contemporary, innovative and meaningful work the venues vary according to context and intent.

The organization aims to work towards ownership of buildings and real estate in the NY metro area and now Detroit Michigan to create permanent spaces. The cultural importance of art, artistic creativity and high levels of craftsmanship play an important role in any society and need every level of endorsement as support.

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